Re: Whipoorwill Amulet - due for a trim - requesting review by hoof gurus

Ruth Vale

Apologies for the very long delay in response.  I've been offline due to a lengthy power outage.  Due to massive damage of several days of ice storms north of Toronto, I've been having a pioneer Christmas (no hydro, wood stove ablaze, and drawing water from the surface well, since last Saturday night.   Hydro just came back on and I'm jumping in here before (and if) it goes off again.  Trimmer is coming on Saturday afternoon.

I will reload thumbnail pics again - tomorrow if I can. 

Linda asked;
>Trimmer working to get him more upright...does that mean she's
>adjusting the hoof capsule to get a different stance?  Before anything
>is done to make something into something it's not, I would invest in a
>set of x-rays, at least of the fronts.

His frogs have been a mess with all the abscesses.  She leaves the heels alone, trying to let the heels grow and raise them a bit more (hence standing more "upgright").  She thinks he is still standing back a bit.  She does the "mustang roll" on his toes.  She has been moving very slowly - aggressive trimming isn't possible with him (I fired 3 farriers over that, now working with a trained barefoot traimmer) so he's generally done with a rasp rather than nippers.    Xrays coming in January.  Vet says he has a "short horn" - not sure what that means.  He's 15h, but feet are proportional to his size and weight with good quality horn.

>I see from the history that we don't have a definitive answer as yet as to if Bounce
>is IR, PPID or both.  Is the diet being addressed with low
>s/s hay, or soaked hay?

I have him scheduled for blood work in January 2014.  Diet has been somewhat addressed and I have him on 1mg/day compound pergolide.   Diet - removed all treats, moved to a low-starch feed and hay is low starch grass hay.  Not yet soaking - Bounce is boarded out, and the Barn Owner (whom I trust with my life otherwise) seems to think I've lost it. :}  Test results will bring her around if they fall where I think they will.

On the pergolide, I am seeing an improvement.  He's much more cheerful, interested and interacting rather than standing there with a glazed expression in his eyes and looking tired.   This week -- He's been his stall since last Sunday due to dangerous ice conditions (2" of solid, hard ice covering Everything), they've been cut off all grain, feed other than hay since then.    They'll be in for a few more days - the tractor isn't heavy enough (!!) to break the ice crust, so they are in until it is safe.  He's been a sensible boy and barefoot, so in search of a little safe exercise, I've been risking a trip across the barnyard to the arena and turned him out for a little free longing.   Lots of happy bucking but he isn't losing his head.

I'm glad to see his personality again, also the bucking and playing around when he is turned loose on good footing.  I have renewed the pergolide RX and continuing that until we get the blood test results.

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