Looking For Any Suggestions-Cannot Afford Horse Anymore

mrsmoriarity <torgo7@...>

I was hoping someone could think of an answer to this terrible problem. I have had Rocky since he was 3. He lived with us until we were forced to move for economic reasons to a different part of the state. He had very mild Cushings at that time. Since then, he got worse and was put on Pergolide. As everyone knows here, it is a very expensive medication.

I'll try to condense this--my hubby and I are both ill now with medical bills etc. Rocky's board is $300 a month (cheapest in the area) but his extra feed and medication brings it to around $500. All the rescues are full. No one wants a 33 yr. old horse, even if he was healthy.

I had a vet look around and try to find someone to take him with no luck. When he gets Pergolide he is fine except for occasional diarrhea. Never foundered, never had colic. The only sign of Cushings is his curly coat and muscle changes, which have improved greatly on the medication.

The only option now is euthanasia. I can't bring myself to do it, but there is nothing else. He's happy, calls for his food etc. He has been my buddy for 30 years, but because we have lost almost all our money we cannot maintain him.

I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this or has any ideas whatsoever. I am at my wit's end. Thanks just for reading this.

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