Whippoorwill Amulet (Bounce) - thumbnail pics posted and trimmer's update

Ruth Vale

Laura - Thumbnail nail pics have been posted which should make them easier to manage online.  I will post test results as soon as I have them - some time this month.

Trimmer and I were very pleased to see that there were no new abscesses - first time since last July!    Feet are looking really good, healing abscesses are coming along and no sign of thrush.   Snow on the ground will help.

Due to ice storm & footing conditions Bounce is not being ridden outside at more than a walk if he goes out at all.   In the arena - sound both free longing and being ridden, in w/t/c.   

Barn Power went out last Saturday overnight due to freezing rain/ice damage followed by very cold weather. It came back on Thursday night.  Footing conditions are outrageously unsafe so they were inside 5 days.   I got there a couple of times to free longe him in the arena - he handled it well.   I rode him tonight in the arena for 30 minutes.  Personally is back to his usual perky, interested self, appetite is back, he has regained the weight he lost in the summer/fall and is maintaining.

Ruth Vale and Whippoorwill Amulet (Bounce) joined Sept 2013
Caledon, Ontario CANADA

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