Change in sclera color

Shari Starr

My cushing's gelding Snickers, that passed this last June 25th, had a change in his sclera coloring in the months just prior to his passing. His normally dark brown sclera had blotches of opaque colored patches that sprung up. The size was smaller than the tip of my pinky finger. It was right next to the blue line (corneal limbus?)that is in between his cornea & his sclera. it was only in his right eye. Does anyone know if this is a symptom/sign of cushing's or if this could be an affect of supplementing vitamin E? I'm wondering because I have recently started supplementing my 2 younger geldings (11 year old quarter horses) & one is a chestnut like Snickers & I am now noticing this in him now just since I started him on supplemental vitamin E (1000 IU). It is only his right eye & it is just to the outside & upper part of the sclera. My 2 geldings only receive a high quality timothy hay & no additional supplementation unless it is very cold weather.
Normally it is very mild here in the Pacific Northwest (Washington State). Am I just being paranoid since losing Snickers? There doesn't appear to be any ulceration, just the change in sclera coloring.

Fly Free Snickers mom
ECIR June, 2013
Western Washington state

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