Re: Was: underweight./no weight gain NOW: Coat Changes


>>Lisa,  when you next update your Case History, can you put that info in?  It would help others who might be following Miami's progress.

Congrats on your progress with Miami!   

Thanks LeeAnne.  I'll check the data sheets the vet gave me and see if the normals are written.  I'm not sure if our lab uses the same guidelines as Cornell do.  I recall my vet once saying that <55 was considered normal but then about 12 months ago that had been revised to <35 so I'm thinking it may well be more in line with Cornell.

I'm looking forward to the test early March as this is the first significant coat change I've seen since we started Pergolide in Feb last year.  I just think I didn't have the knowledge then and know enough of the subtle changes to look for.  When my vet and I discussed another 0.5ml increase a month back, I wasn't sure what I'd get but I'm so glad we increased.  I can't believe how good his coat is now.

I'll dig out that info and see what it says shortly and add it in if I have it.  I'll ask him for a written report each time now that I'm posting it into Mi's case history file here.

Thank you for your kind support.  I'm working hard to get it right for him and feeling more confident about it each day.  

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