Re: Planning for the end with Chuckles



I'm short on time this morning, so I'll send hugs and well wishes and write a very brief response that tries to answer your questions fully:

1. for euthanasia, you'll need to have your vet do it.  If you feel uncomfortable with asking your current vet, all you need to do is call the first vet that wanted to put him down when he was way worse and tell him "you're right" and ask for help.  You have three choices in our area for disposal/burial:

a. Talk with your barn owner about hiring a back hoe and burying him on the property.

b Have your vet order an autopsy at Rollins.  You will have to trailer him or his body there, but you won't have the disposal to worry about.

c. Google buckleigh hills and have him cremated.  They will come and pick him up. 

You need to be working with your barn owner on all of these options so that they are in the loop and helping to coordinate.

2.  With that said, I don't think you or Chuckles are ready for euthanasia, though it may seem like the only option at this point.  I know how utterly debilitating this has been for both of you, but all I'm seeing is two individuals fighting hard and not through quite yet.  Here are some other options:

3.  Lets get him past the "starvation" concerns you mention in your post.  As i mentioned, i have low sugar/starch hay, ontario dehy timothy balancer cubes, vitamin E and omega horseshine right here in New Hill as a care package ready for Chuckles.  If you can't come and get it, i can send it in to Raleigh with my husband if that's closer.  We can eliminate diet as a concern.  

4.  If you need to take a break from the heavy lifting, we can talk about what it would take to board Chuckles here and let me help you with the rehab.  I have also sent you a contact in the Bahama area.  Did she have any other options to help?

5.  If none of the above seem doable right now, before you euthanize Chuckles, please offer him up to the members of this website to see if anyone wants to take on completion of his rehab.  Pam needs another one :-)

I'm here if you need me.

Kim & CG (IR & PPID)

New Hill, NC

Winter 2005

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