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Hi Debra!
All of us on the EC site certainly feel your frustration and sense of hopelessness. We have all been there at some point and that is the purpose of this site-- to share and pour out our hearts. I was in the same boat in 2009/2010. I was at the vet with my horse and it was looking very hopeless--I was told to get busy making a "decision.' I had dabbled with some of the advice here but had not done all I could or should. The wonderful folks here got me steered in the right directions and I had three more wonderful years with my sweet Boo.
The things that worked for me were getting a good barefoot trainer involved. Having that was the turning point in my Boo's life. Boots and padding are a must for comfort. No treats, no grass, no grain. Finding a source for Ontario Dehydrated Timothy Balance Cubes was such a relief. I felt that he got all the balanced nutrition from that with added vitamin e and flax. Making a dry turnout lot was so key and getting my hay tested was reassuring. We still had good and bad days and in the process I learned so much about this disease, my horse (spending time just "being there" for him) and learned about myself. The knowledge I gained can never be taken away and I in turn have been able to help others in my situation.
Take it a day at a time. It isn't easy and I'll admit it can take a toll on your heart, but when I look back at how far we progressed, it warms my heart that I gave him every chance and never "quit" him. This Valentines day marks the first anniversary of Boo's passing, but with a wry grin and self satisfaction, I realize that laminitis/founder didn't win. He died from a strangulation lipoma. So we sort of won the War (-:
I see you are just up the road in Durham. I live in Winston-Salem. You can certainly private email me if you'd like. The folks here are great and quite often I was told to "take a deep breath" and carry on. I would give you the same advice. Eat some chocolate and contemplate your next move. Make it deliberate and purposeful and determine that you are going to give it every try. Listen to the great advice you will get here. It will be the best help you will receive and they have proof that their way works. Chuckles will tell you when he's ready and I don't believe he is at this moment. He still can led  very good life.
I wish you the best. We are here for you and we are pulling for you and Chuckles and hoping for a good report soon!
Jesse Magoo and Angel Boo
NC 2010


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