Re: Change in sclera color

Shari Starr

Nancy, thank you very much for the assistance & checking the archives. My computer at home is on the blink & I have to go to the library to read & post in this site. My 11 year old gelding has no signs of PPID or IR but it was very odd that my PPID horse, Snickers, had this same sign/symptom in the last few months before he had to be euthanized due to an internal mass. I'm sure that you can understand my great concern since I've had the 2 horses with the same symptom & the end result was terminal with Snickers. I sent a picture to my local vet & she could not see a tie in to the vitamin E supplement & the sclera color change. She also didn't seem to be concerned about the change but just to watch to see if it showed any changes of ulceration. Call me a nervous Nellie but I'm extra careful now since Snicker's death & lack of outward signs of abdominal mass. I'll continue to supplement the vitamin E as I have been. Thank you againĀ  for your very prompt research & reply.

Shari, Fly free, Snickers mom


June, 2013

Western WA state

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