Re: Neck crest feedback


Thanks to everyone for your input.

Nancy, did you also look at his pics by chance?  I think this qualifies as a crest but it's not big and the lack of muscle tone along the neck seems to make it appear more obvious.  It hasn't become hard just changes a minor amount.

I'd be fairly confident of having his Pergolide dose right when I look for other signs.  The only other tweak to make would be to go back to soaking hay and pull him off the overnight pasture access but not sure I need this yet.  Trying very hard not to be in denial (lol !) about that, don't worry there :).  I'll be asking my vet to test his iron levels with the other testing early next month.  Might as well do the lot.

What do you think of the visual of the crest?  Would you like a better pic posted?

Thanks again all.

Stay safe in your stormy weather.  We had a major grassfire approaching our town on the weekend and unfortunately there were stock losses and homes lost, although no humans thankfully.  One extreme to the other isn't it?  Our firies are wonderful and I took great pleasure in being at our local station cooking meals for them while hubby at home keeping an eye out for any embers....

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