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The originator of this thread should provide a link to the document, rather than 'I've read an article..' - I for one am always interested in knowing whether there is any knowledgeable background and/or proof to a statement - one of the great lessons learned at ECIR's ! 

Even if the article is in another language than English, it still is interesting to know where it comes from or 'who said what'.. otherwise it is just another contribution to the Myths and 'Untruths' .. a slight vatiation on this worthwhile article by Dr Susan Garlinghouse : who - by the way - is also the author of the famous story of the  Squirrel and the Beetpulp!


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I have beets growing in the field next to my farm. Sometimes they are
table beets, sometimes they go for sugar. The harvesting crew always
removes the leaves. The leaves would rot long before they reached a
processing plant regardless of how they are processed. The farmer allows
us to glean them for our table and both the table and sugar beets are
quite tasty. The only thing I would worry about is how soon before
harvest they were sprayed for pests but at least my neighbor says he
only sprays if he sees pests and only the areas of the fields where
there are visible problems. He recommended not eating the leaves from
the sprayed plants.

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