Re: Case history for Babe (old horse with PPID)

Lydia Lawson

Hey Lavinia thanks this helps a lot. 
She used to like Beet pulp so I'll give that a try. It's just that the Bute tastes pretty bad. I even have the flavored powder but it's still bitter. The Naproxin has a really bad aftertaste. I tried it! The sweet feed is not something she has really ever been on before but she thinks it's such a treat that she will eat the Bute in it. I wish I did not have to give any Bute or Naproxin but she can't get up without it and that would pretty much be the end for her then.

Since her PPID diagnosis is fairly recent I am hoping that the Pergolide will help her regain strength and then we can take her off the Bute eventually.

To answer your questions: 
She gets no other supplements now that she is eating the Timothy Balance Cubes. I think I understood that they have all the supplements she needs. 

I do douse them with water to make them softer for her since she only has a few molars left. 

Her ACTH and Insulin were the same draw and were after an overnight fast. The BW went to Cornell.  I am going to repeat it to see what her levels are at now but I want to make sure to do it right. I used to be a vet tech so I draw my own samples and take them right over to the office to be spun down. I can draw them at separate times easily if I need to. I think the vet said the ACTH part needed the fast but if it doesn't then I would think one sample would be fine. I'm guessing he uses the lab recommended protocol. Does Cornell recommend the fast and why would they if it has no effect on the results? She did not have a glucose or leptin  test and maybe I should do that this time around.

Thanks again. I'll give her extra salt and not switch back and forth between the NSAIDs any more!

Nervous about leaving Babe in the care of others for the long weekend :-/
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