Re: Pergolide and colic


New to this group, but this deinitely caught my attention.  I have a 19 year old mare recently diagnosed with PPID (Oct 2013).  The month before I put her on 0.5mg Pergolide, she colicked anywhere from 2-4 times/week from her stomach ulcers, and the episodes would last anywhere from 1-10 hours.  I know she still has them because of how she acts, but since she's been on Pergolide, the colic episodes have completely stopped.  I too believe that PPID and ulcers are linked (knowing the history of my mare since birth).  My feeding program supports animals with PPID and/or ulcers (for all of my horses), even prior to my mares diagnosis, but with ulcers being a common issue among most equines, and often being undiagnosed or without outward symptoms, perhaps the depression that can be a side effect of Pergolide can send the ulcers into overdrive, so to speak, due to the lack of interest in eating?  Just my thoughts.  Interested to hear if anyone has had problems of colic on Pergolide.

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