feet --boot-- heat-- ice question


Hello Groupies,
----trying to find clever subject lines ,so as not to call up a thread form 1886 and get all confused..my computer keeps doing that.---
Anyhoo, trying to keep Ponys heat and thus inflammation down in her feet requires ice cold hosing etc. this makes sense, I have been vet wrapping frozen peas to her feet and legs while I putt around doing barn chores, she is very tolerant of such things and it works really well rather than standing her in a bucket of ice water,.
She is in her soft rides the rest of the day with Styrofoam inserts that have molded nice little support cups to her feet, for the rest of the day.
???Why are the boots not counter productive? it seems like they would keep heat in, when I take them off her feet are warmer then when I just let her put around in her stall with out them. 
???how long will she have warm feet ?, I am comparing her fronts to her backs and  one back is ice cold one back is slightly warm and the two fronts are warmer but not as bad as last week, some days she is walking all about her stall with no problem and the next day she is walking on egg shells, or laying down a lot more than usual.
Her diet is now 8-10lbs  tested below 6% hay, ( she should weigh about 450lbs) salt, flax, magnesium/chromium, and cal trace. started this on Monday, when I drove like a mad woman to a wonderful supplier 1.5 hours away and procured a ton , 
Pony who has not been allowed hay for years scarfed it down thinking it was a mistake and she should eat it all before I realize it, but now she slowly eats her rations all through the day and night , this is nice to see, as she had been having her voracious appetite back. so I see that change, already but her warm feet bother me,
?? So what about my boot question, do they keep heat in and thus inflammation.?
( my thot process is coming from when 'Shy' our Arab had a high fever we took all blankets off her to help her cool down)

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