Whippoorwill Amulet (Bounce) - ACTH test results and radiographs

Ruth Vale

I have updated the case history with Bounce's ACTH test results in the file section and provide radiographs taken on 2014-02-25 in the photos section.  Vet finds no significant coffin bone rotation.  (Whew!). 

I am still waiting for results for Leptin, insulin, & non-fasting glucose.   ACTH tests were done at Guelph University.   He is still abscessing - one new abscess hole and one lingering in both heels on RF at last farrier visit.   If we rule out the metabolic issues, we're back to square one trying to find answers for that.

Practically speaking it is difficult to precisely predict if this is due to the pergolide therapy keeping his levels low, or if he is not suffering from PPID at this time.  To differentiate, we will wean down or off the pergolide for a period of time and retest.  He has been on a pergolide (5mg/day) prescription since last November as a precaution.  Next steps is to wean him off pergolide, wait an interval and retest with no pergolide in his system.    Question:  What's the protocol, how long an interval off the pergolide and should re retest before May?   I expect spring to be late, but the earliest grass will be peeking up by mid-April (6wks away - yeah!)

Overall he looks well, and lack of energy could be winter - I haven't been able to do the simplest trail ride arond the quarter track - one or two days a week I ride him in arena, or if it is too cold, turn him loose to play in the arena.  If he bucks & plays he's feeling good.  Other times, he just stands there.    We're in Caledon, Ontario, with to daily temps in the mid teens below zero centigrade, and lows down to -27C and lower.    He's in the barn at night but outside whenever possible, notwithstanding Ice storms, blizzard -  a REAL winter like I've never seen (I'm approaching 60 yrs).

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