Re: Question Feeding Brooks Un-Ti

Ruth Vale

I posted Bounce's ACTH results to his Case History this afternoon, but I have a feeding question while I wait for the rest of the test results.
In December, at my request, barn owner switched Bounce from MasterFeed Fusion to MasterFeed Podium, along with the ECIR Emergency diet supplement and a handful of Brooks Un-Ti to convince him to eat it.  He doesn't like Podium much - leaves a fair bit behind for later - but will eat it eventually - does not clean it up completely.  He does like the Brooks, looks for it and cleans it up, licks the bowl.   Given the normal ACTH results so far, do you see a problem with switching him over to Un-Ti completely.  During winter, I'm looking for light work, at 2 lbs/day as a maintenance dose to make sure he's getting the trace minerals.  He's an easy keeper but weight is normal - he looks healthy.  I can add the supplement to this feed, until we use up the supplies I have and rule out the need for it.   
I'm thinking that I will wean him off pergolide this week, leave him for a month and test again first week of April (we will likely be in winter status at that time given what we've been dealing with up to now!).
Masterfeed Podium page here: - scroll down.
Brooks Un Ti here:  - scroll to the bottom.
Thanks for your time,

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