OLD: Newly confirmed PPID Morgan mare NEW: First blood results (34 days after starting Prascend)

Claudia Goodman

Silhouette's insulin and glucose values (non-fasting) appear good, and her ACTH has improved. I would appreciate any responses as to whether to continue the current 1mg dose of Prascend or consider increasing at this time. These samples were sent to Cornell for leptin level, but as leptin is not reported. Iron panel from KSU also not yet reported. 
Blood drawn on 2/23, at 9:30am, 4 hours after she was fed her usual grass hay breakfast:
Glucose: 89 mg/dL (ref 71 - 113)
Insulin: 28.42 ulU/mL (ref 10 - 40)
ACTH: 33.9 pg/mL  (ref 9 - 35)    (ACTH was 50 when tested just prior to starting Prascend. Idexx labs.)
I will update our CH as soon as all results are in.
Also… should there be any concern that the blood was drawn on 2/23 and received at Cornell on 2/27?
Thank you,

Claudia & Silhouette 2014 California


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