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Cindy McGinley

I’m so sorry, Lisanne. How blessed we are to have known these special horses! They do change us, in only the best ways. In the Irish way, we celebrate lives at the time of their passing. And so I raise a glass in honor of Lacey, deserving friend and teacher.
With Our Deepest Sympathy,
Cindy, Alf, Dare, and Saffron in Central NY
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May 2006

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Subject: [EquineCushings] Farewell to my friend

Farewell my dear friend, beautiful soul. My life was forever changed by you and will be forever changed with your passing. May you run free now, without pain, through green pastures. You deserve that and so much more.

Melody's Merry Lace aka "Lacey"


In spite of ACTH controlled on pergolide, as low a carb diet as possible (<5% ESC+starch), and daily exercise with padded boots as much as she could tolerate, my mare had been getting gradually more footsore over the last 6-12 months. I never did get her insulin:glucose fully controlled, not for lack of trying, over the last 3-1/3 years since she was diagnosed.


Lacey still had her good days, and I was able to ride her occasionally with padded boots until about a month ago. Last week she went downhill fast. She acted like she was having another laminitis attack. It seemed to be her hind feet that were worse than the front, though. She held one hind up in the air often and dangled it. She pawed a lot and wanted to lie down, but didn’t want to because she knew she would have trouble getting up. She nickered loudly in thanks and surprise when I pulled on her head to help her up after she fell back to her knees. She couldn’t walk well, her balance seemed poor and she wasn’t eating much. She also was shaking her head frequently – not hard, but like a fast wobble. I wonder if the pituitary tumor was pressing on her somehow and causing discomfort and/or balance problems. I’m describing all this because I’m curious if any others have had it end this way.


The vet agreed that there wasn’t anything else we could do for her. I suppose I should have consulted you all here more recently, but I have good local consultant who has taken Dr. Kellon’s courses and there wasn’t really any question in my mind that Lacey was in too much pain for either of us to bear any longer. I thought the vet might push pain meds, but he took one look at her barely able to walk and agreed it was time.


I want to thank all of you here who have helped me handle Lacey’s Cushings and IR over the last 3-1/2 years. Lacey was my first and only horse. We were together 15 years. She left a huge hole in my life, but it’s been a week now and I’m doing OK. It will take a while to process and completely let her go, but it’s a relief that she’s no longer suffering. Because I suffered with her and made the utmost effort to do all the right things for her, my pain is now also relieved in a way now.


I have 45 days’ worth of 8 mg pergolide capsules if anyone can use them. Please email me privately: lisanne at


Lisanne in Oregon


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