Re: Pics of Ponys feets.


Hi Julie,

Ummmm - I would say that the farrier won't know or he would have done it already. It is likely he was telling you that you should not lower the heels as that will put more pressure on the DDFT (deep digital flexor tendon) and cause more rotation; that you must raise the heels to relieve this tension. This is an unfortunately common (and outdated) misconception.

I put some mark-ups in your folder to give you an idea of what you're looking to accomplish.

 Need to be careful to only drop height in the heels as there appears to be sinking so the total amount of hoof capsule that pony has, which looks excessive, is needed as the bony column is sitting lower inside than it should be. DO NOT lower the wall height in the front part of the foot, esp in the area of the pillars. This is what is protecting the leading edge of the coffin bone. Will also need to back the toes to relieve the lever forces that are tearing the laminar connections with each step.

Need some pics of the sides of the hooves, with the camera at ground level, to be able to show you what these changes would look like from the outside.

Use boots/pads as needed to keep her comfortable. If she walks OK without them then great. The smaller guys generally bounce back much more quickly than the bigger ones.

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