Advice on Serrano please?

Kc <karenclarinet@...>

I don't have results of ACTH yet.
But vet called this am and said CBC shows low counts and vet says likely ACTH is high and that he is severely anemic and to start red cell ASAP. She said white count moderately low nuetracils
and severe low lymphocytes. Red cell significantly low. She didn't give numbers... I know I should not give red cell... But what can I do for Serrano? He is very lethargic... And...

Serranos neck tumor is growing very fast and has more than doubled in last 2 months and near lymph nodes at base of neck. 

Should I start increasing pergolide ASAP or wait for test results? It takes time to adjust dosages
and tumor so very aggressive...

So far he doesn't seem to be suffering from cancer...
Karen and Serrano
Sept 2012
update is test from cornel oct 30... Couldn't update history
ACTH 37.8
Glucose 110
Insulin 68

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