Whippoorwill Amulet (Bounce) - test results

Ruth Vale

Blood sample was taken 2014-02-25.  As a precaution, since November 2013, Bounce has been on 1mg/5cc of pergolide powder dissolved in water and administered by syringe, with emergency diet supplement and a handful of Brooks Un-Ti to convince him to eat it.:  Regular feed is grass hay and once daily of 1 scoop of MasterFeed Podium (picking my battles with the barn owner):

Insulin - 4.06 ulU/ML (normals 10-40)
Non-fasting Glucose -  80 pmo/L (normal 71-113 mg/dl)
ACTH 2.8 pmo/L (normal 2-10 pmo/L)
Leptin 5.15 (normal 1-4)
Radiographs  - no significant coffin bone rotation.


G:I ration 19.70 (normal >10)

Insulin resistance, RISQI: .50   (normal >.32)

Modified Insulin to glucose ration (MIRG): 4.4 (normal <5.6)

Now tapering off of the 1mg/5cc per day pergolide and will retest in a few weeks to validate whether ACTH levels are being held by the pergolide or whether they are otherwise normal without help.  If those are normal, we will return to  non-medicated mode and retest again in the fall.  Horse currently appears healthy, symptoms which displayed in the fall no longer evident (except the abscessing - which continues).   I'm taking him off Podium and the emergency diet now that I have these test results.

Moving to 2lbs daily of Brooks Un-ti - he really likes it, available locally  and I can control the amount he gets if I buy it in addition to board fee..

Your thoughts?

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