Re: Advice on Serrano please?

Nancy C

Hi Karen

Cannot comment on you blood work but I would not give red cell.

Would insist on getting the hard numbers from the vet and begin increasing pergolide slowly if it is warranted based on the numbers.

I would also think about adding APF or Ginseng as adaptogens but I want to flag Dr Kellon about adaptogen use with cancer patients.  It has come up before and I don't have a firm reference to check.  Don't want to use jherb but not sure if/how ginseng for example may differ.

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I don't have results of ACTH yet.
But vet called this am and said CBC shows low counts and vet says likely ACTH is high and that he is severely anemic and to start red cell ASAP.

Serranos neck tumor is growing very fast

update is test from cornel oct 30... Couldn't update history
ACTH 37.8
Glucose 110
Insulin 68

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