Re: Karen/Taz

Karen Maruszak

Here's what I am seeing.  He does not move around. If I leave the muzzle off he will graze and move about. The MINUTE I put that muzzle on, he's down.  His back legs are so weak from lack of exercise he can hardly stand. So which is the lesser of two evils? Grazing (limited and very short grass in this pasture) and up moving  or down 90% of the day? I am managing to get him up to at least eat his hay and drink. I had the farrier out on the 3rd.  She is one of the most well known in the Ocala area, especially treating laminitis/founder.  I can take pictures of his feet but do not know how to download but I can text them to somebody. Farrier looked at the boots and she did not like them, too high in the heel.  I got the soft ride with the torquoise/purple pads.  I know this is not what you guys believe but I HAVE to trust this farrier and my new vet.  I am so confused. BTW, we are scraping grass off of large portion of pasture today and fencing going up Monday for a dry lot. Maybe that will keep him up if he doesn't have to wear a muzzle.

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