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Most of us shave the wedge off the purple pad or use flat pads.

Do not give him grass until you know his insulin is under control.  It was sky high in February.  Throw his hay around in various places so he has to move to eat.  Even small piles in a turn out can encourage movement.

His back legs are weak from having to compensate from the pain in the fores.  Do some muscle therapy on him, either yourself, or call a muscle therapist.

If he's not off the bute, taper off.  You can use Phyto Quench for pain instead.

Loading pictures is easy.  Take the pics of the feet as described at the link below, then go to the PHOTOS section of ECHisotry8 to load them.  It's just a few short clicks.
Here's how to take pics

Here's where to post them
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I had  Farrier looked at the boots and she did not like them, too high in the heel.  I got the soft ride with the torquoise/purple pads. 

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