Re: Karen/Taz


Hi Karen -

We don't have the luxury of seeing your horse or assessing any of the things that may be causing him problems.  I understand your need to trust your team on the ground, and that is fine.  When you post something like "meltdown", we can't just sit back, but will get into high gear to help you as best as is possible.  We all take this seriously.  We all have been there, done that, and know exactly what you are going through, and probably more!  It's what keeps us wanting to keep you and all others and your horse(s) from going through some of what we have been through.  If you want assistance from us, we need to know exactly what is happening as far as D - diagnosis, D - diet, T- trim, E- exercise as able.

So please do follow the steps Nancy listed for uploading the photos into your photo album...

EC Primary Response
West Coast
May 2004

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