Re: Should we up the dose of Prascend? [second posting]

Nancy C

Hi Claudia
If you read the insert I *think* it may still say okay to cut in half.  I used Prascend in 2012 (did not control my horse's ACTH at 5 mg  day) and cut them in half when I was tapering up. I would put it in the plastic bag and in the door of the fridge for use next day.

In case you want to taper up even more slowly, Dr Kellon has also recommended that you could cut the tab in half and dissolve the 1/2 tab in water. Administered half of that solution orally via syringe for a 0.25 mg dose. store the other half  in the fridge overnight for dose next day.

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 I have not seen real improvement in energy yet. And the lack of shedding (which started and stopped almost completely) leaves me "feeling" like she needs more. 
Do you know if is it okay to break a Prascend tab in half to and use the next day? (Thus increasing to 1.5 mg/day.) The packaging is a big deal and they instruct you to give the tab soon after opening the blister. Or might it be best to go to 2mg/day to be sure of the potency of the tabs? 

Claudia & Silhouette 2014 California

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