Re: Advice on Serrano please?

karen sremac <karenclarinet@...>

My vet is clueless. Please advise how to increase after 7.5 mg. He will prescribe. 

I have increased 2 mg over last few days. He was already lethargic and not eating
well, and acting so much like last summer when ACTH not controlled... 

I started APF 


I still make sure to ride/walk him every day at least 30 mins., and groomed him with
rubber knobby thing in circles, which he seemed to like.

Also tried soaking ODBTC and he wouldn't even try it. Coco soya seems to help his
poop be "oily". Increased his salt on ODBTC, but now he won't eat them...

Thank you all for your suggestions! and support!
Karen and Serrano Sept 2012, Calif


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