Re: pony trim update


Hi Julie,
I love your spirit!  Thanks for sharing your story and the update.  All of us struggle with some of this at some point or another.  Listening to my vet and farrier were counterproductive to Cory's well-being.  The advice from this group has been so helpful.  My vet said I didn't need to test and soak my hay, didn't need to worry about getting a little winter grass, that there was nothing wrong with Cory's feet except the toes were long, etc.  I kept asking myself: if the vet is right and I am wrong to be so careful, will it harm my horse?  No!  If the vet is wrong and I follow his advice, will it harm my horse?  Yes--every time it has.  
Keep up the good work!  You are an amazing and inspiring person.  Your pony and grandson are so blessed to have you watching over them.

Paula  (Cory IR and Onyx no ECIR) in Bucks County, PA, USA

EC 2014     NCRplus2011 

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