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Thank you Nancy et all for your support.
I think my instincts might be right... I wanted to do ACTH weds before last but it got delayed, because of dosage mistake ... To last weds. By then Serrano was already very lethargic and picking at sups and getting eye goop, and cancer will kill him if it doesn't stop soon, so I started increasing pergolide right away. He has been very irritated and sensitive to bugs and was bleeding from his sheath which had a partial penile amputation in 2000 for aggressive melanoma. Tonight he spiked a fever. Vet said to give flunixin and check later, so I am heading back to be sure he doesn't get a full blown infection like last summer... Where he was staggering and falling he was so weak... So scared. Vet wants to do full chemistry panel on him tomorrow.
But we just did CBC... Shouldn't we get ACTH results first? This vet is new to me. New partner of my regular vet, who is always traveling and unavailable. I trust my instincts more than her.
She told me to start Red Cell ASAP... Because of CBC...
Back to my question... If already at 7.5 mg and ACTH is high, how much to gradually increase to to control ACTH ?

Back to barn now... Will give him salt.
Thank you so much,
Karen and Serrano, sept 2012, calif

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