New Member: Steph and Chance from Ontario (March 09/14) Very sore front feet


Hi,  I am a new member from northwestern Ontario.  My 23 year old Cushings/IR gelding is extremely sore in his front feet.  I am sure that we are dealing with laminitis (I hope not founder).  My vet will be out in the morning to check his feet and draw blood for the ACTH test again. We trimmed him yesterday.  His hooves were long and his heels and toes had pushed forward. They have a tendency to grow forward like this and grow very quickly (It was difficult to keep his feet trimmed as regular as normal due to extended bouts of -40 degrees temps this winter). 
I am having all of my hay tested right now and will balance the macro and micro minerals to the NRCplus recommendations, and have also switched to beet pulp and have started feeding 3 oz of fresh ground flax again.  My main concern right now is PAIN.  Are there any recommendations for pain?  Herbal? Or otherwise?  

I'm not sure if it is related, but we have had a brutally cold winter, long periods of -30 and -40, with lots of snow.  Our horses have a 7 or 8 acre turnout, but are only using about a 200 ft x 200 ft area. They have also eaten about 50% more hay than normal this winter.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I have loaded my case history as well, but still need to fill in many details:


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