Masterfeeds Soy Hull Pellets Heads UP

Lorna Cane

Are people in Ontario (or Canada maybe) noticing contamination in Masterfeeds Soy Hull Pellets?
This has happened before,but not for a while.
This new load -only 2 bags (of 17) opened so far - contains lumps of pellets,some moldy,some not,as well as kernels of corn,bits of kernels of corn, and the odd oat.
Some of the pellets are darker than the others,so not sure what that's about.
Removing the kernels is a pain,but doable.Removing the bits of kernels is impossible.

Pretty difficult to manage IR horses with this kind of quality control- or lack thereof.
Just wondering if these bags may be tail ends used to clean machinery, or  if  it's become common practice now.

Lorna in Ontario,Canada
ECIR Moderator 2002
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