Re: Question on Beet Pulp & Flax seed

Nancy C

Hi Deidre

Here's a snip from Dr Kellon's blog on byproducts
"Distillers/Brewers Dried Grains are produced after corn, sorghum or other grains are used to make beer or other alcoholic beverages. The grains are ground, added to hot water and combined with yeast to ferment the starch content to ethanol. This produces a feed that is very safe for insulin resistant horses because the starch has been fermented. It is high protein, highly palatable and even has probiotic properties from the Saccharomyces yeast fermentation products."

Of the three other products you mentioned I would suspect the yeast.  A very few horses have reported issues with flax. beet pulp is usually tolerated very well most likely not an issue.

Nancy C in NH
ECIR Moderator 2003

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