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martha williams

Thanks Laura K.-  Good ideas!   
  Dubrow/Williams.    NY  '08

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Lara Levine (Southern States) is having 2 bags sent UPS for Thurs.  If more still does not
arrive by FRI. we will indeed be "up a tree".  Already tried
many other stores...
....If the hay is no more than 10% ESC plus Starch it should be safe on that front.If it is rinsed it will help further in case of unforeseen variations in the hay......

 ....Hospital has very good hay -  OK ESC/STARCH, plus it is soaked.... 

Hi Martha,

I don't remember all your horse's details, but if she can eat hay and r/s/r beet pulp, you could give her a little of the hospital hay and some beet pulp in order to stretch your ODTBCs.  I'd start slowly so her intestinal flora gets used to it, but that would be one thing to try.  When substituting -- beet pulp has more calories than hay.  I think  1 lb BP equals about 1 1/2 to 2 lbs hay.  (weigh the BP dry and then r/s/r)  

Laura K. Chappie & Beau



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