Re: New Member: Steph and Chance from Ontario (March 09/14) Very sore front feet


Thanks Maggie,

We tested ACTH, glucose and insulin, and should have the results next week.  I have also sent 3 hay samples for testing, so will be balancing the minerals soon too. Right now Chance is on 2 grams of Bute to help with pain. I can also give him 10cc of Banamine each day if needed. (Any thoughts on this?)  We are also starting him on Levothyroxine.  At what point would you suggest starting Jiaogulan and /or AlCar?  What about chasteberry?  Any tips for a low sugar/starch feed to use as a carrier for the minerals and supps?  He's not to keen on the beet pulp right now.  Would alfalfa pellets be low sugar/starch?  I'm guessing that they can vary considerably.  I'm working on getting the Timothy Balance cubes from Ontario Dehy.  IThanks for all of your suggestions and Iwill update the case history  once we get our results back. 

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>>Hi Steph,
Welcome to the list!  Sorry to hear that Chance is having trouble...  

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