Re: New Member: Steph and Chance from Ontario (March 09/14) Very sore front feet

Betty Ann

Hi Steph,
I too am in North Western Ontario, not sure how close we are geographically. I am interested in getting a load of ODTBC and would be glad to find someone to share the cost of a pallet. Currently, my closest source is in Northern Minnesota, as I live close to the Ontario/USA/(Manitoba) borders.  Is this something you would be interested in?
Secondly, just curious what breed Chance is, my friend sold a horse named Chance a few years ago in the area. Just wondering if its the same horse - by chance. :)
Betty Ann Lucke
Mar 08

 > I'm working on getting the Timothy Balance cubes from Ontario Dehy.  

Steph and Chance
Ontario (March 2014)

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