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My boy has had PPID symptoms for 10 years.  He never has had an issue with a curly coat, or any issue with his coat.  His PPID manifests itself in the fall with seasonal rise of ACTH related laminitis.

If your horse has a diagnosis of PPID from labs drawn in the spring/summer, then you probably do have a PPID horse.  That is the time of the year when ACTH is naturally at its lowest.  Yes, stress may raise ACTH levels - it is not a given at all, and is generally very transitory.  Your story doesn't state exactly when the ACTH was drawn.  The lab ranges suggest it was run through MSU - and that may make a difference as well.

You may find our educational website of value:

We focus on DDT/E - diagnosis, diet, trim, exercise as able.

To help you any further, it would be of value to us to have a formal history of your horse and post it at the link below.  This serves as our filing cabinet.  You will need to join but it should only take a moment.

Let us know back here on the main list when the history is available for review, and its link and we'll take it from there.


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