Re: New Member: Steph and Chance from Ontario (March 09/14) Very sore front feet


>>> I get the feeling that he is not in the *acute* phase of laminitis--that he has been sore for quite a bit of the winter.  Is this correct? Read this excellent post (#185154) from Nancy for further explanation about how NSAIDS interfere with healing<<<
Hi Maggie,
Thanks!  You are correct he is not in the acute stage.  There is no heat in his hooves and the digital pulse is not overly strong, I can't even find it under all his feathers!  He is just very sore...Friday evening I'll have more time to dive into the reading!  I checked out mybesthorse and was wondering what the difference between the AAKG (L-arginine alpha keto glutanate) and ALcar (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) is, with regard to functions.  I will try and dive into the research as soon as possible.  I intend to order whichever one is best suited for our case,and also the Jiaogulan.  Chance's initial ATCH in 2012 was 12.3pmol/L (normal range 2-10).
Ont. (March 2013)


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