Re: how long is acute....?


Thank you Linda!
I needed that boost., all the negativity really can be discouraging, the barn owner is helpful, but very old school, I get messages like--- '-pony having a very bad day'- and such , so i dash over expecting the worst, only to have pony whinnying like crazy when she hears my truck and gimp over to her stall front for a pat. The gal means well, but her attitude really stresses me out , so I start to doubt whether this is the best thing for a 30 plus year old well as all the others who chime in with there comments, 
..I really want her back home I can tell she thinks she is in jail and being punished, she misses her herd and being outside, she  whinnys for her buddies when she knows they are in the arena, which is funny because then the horses who are supposed to be concentrating on practice turn into boneheads, because Pony was the boss mare.LOL> ( our barn is down the hill form the facility we keep pony at) I hope she can come home soon, but our hard gravel paddocks would not be good, and her stall now is huge.
I will keep a stiff upper lip and determination in spite of all the negativity.
Thanks again
Oregon 06

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