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There have been a number of conversations over the years regarding TRH test. The test is not new  but the protocol push is a more recent development. A big concern is that it is a  sensitive test with some 30 percent false positives.  With the number of unresolved pergolide veil issues we've heard about recently I've been wondering if the TRH test is a factor. In most of the conversations that promote this test, there is no info about symptoms or ultimate outcome.

This link has a study that compares TRH to ACTH

This thread with BI vets who are members of this group is a little tricky to negotiate but worth the read for the big picture.  BI makes Prascend and  funds the EEG. No discussion of symptoms or outcomes.
Here are more discussion threads

As I write this, I wonder what the impact the variations of lab results recently discussed might have on this whole picture.  We've seen varying results from some labs vs Cornell, with members running side by side tests from same blood draw.

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