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Ruth Vale

Agreed.  DO NOT DRINK THE WATER!   Human or Beast.  Very Bad for both.  Keep the dogs out of the water too.  That particular nasty bug can damage kidneys, cause diahrea and permanent hard care illness and even death.  Look up Walkerton (Ontario) and see what happened in May 2000 when cows were allowed to graze next to the town well.  Lasting bad stuff.

If the source is a well, your Ministry of Ag. or Disaster Recovery services will have instructions on how to recover a flooded/contaminated well.     Add Javex according to instructions.  Flush the system by leaving the taps running forever.  The place will smell like a swimming pool for a while.  It works in the short term, but if you don't find and remove the cause you get to do it all over again.  Soon.  If you can't clean it,  cap the well and find another source of water.

If the source is a stream or river, underground or otherwise, find the source of the contamination and remove it.  Waste run off, dead animals upstream, grazing cattle (manure?).  or a leak in your septic bed.    Is your manure pile at least 100' from your water supply and well downhill?  After you've removed the contamination source, then clean out your water source again. 

Ship in the water from a clean source in the meanwhile.

Living in a 150 yr. farmhouse where the well has some less dangerous bugs, not that one.  Not drinking the water unless it is thoroughly boiled,.

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