Sore again and not sure why...

Emily Phillips

So we're 4 months into Cheyenne's recovery from acute laminitis on Nov 22nd, and she is really sore on her front feet and I am confused why this might be and whether I am doing anything wrong still.

She had sacro / stifle pain when she got laminitis (still not sure as a result of sore feet or a separate issue) and now she is getting worse. More and more stiff, and noticeably struggling to move with her hindend giving way. I am really worried.  


She was doing really while I had her in a laneway loop that went under trees, with low sugar grass hay and maxisoy with supplements (from Carol Layton).

But I had to move her to a small yard for 2 days when I discovered she had a massive worm burden (faecal test showed 1470 strongyles eggs per gram) and gave her Equest Plus (Moxidectin and Praziquantel). She became a little foot sore and her pulses elevated from that, and she's not got any better since.

After 2 days I moved her back to her shavings yard which is about 10m x 10m. No grass. Same low sugar hay and feeds / supplements. But the pulses in the fronts were still higher than they had been and her stiffness in her back and hind was getting worse as she put weight on her hind legs.  Vet came out last week to take bloods to test for IR (no results yet) and said she was foot sore on her fronts and not acute but still "well in the recovery phase".

Given her diet was perfect, I decided that maybe it was because she was now just standing around and not moving as she had been in her laneway, so decided to try her in her sacrifice paddock area. Mainly dirt and leaves in there (under trees) with minimal brown grass and thought there might just be enough to encourage her to move about a little more. She spent 1 night out there and her hind legs filled up even worse than they had been, however the pulses in her fronts were so low I could barely feel them. I spoke to the vet who said that if the movement is helping her fronts that is the most important thing, so just advised me to put stable bandages on her hinds and give her bute. I gave her one 5ml dose of bute but the stable bandages seemed to really help so her swelling in her hinds was down in 2 days. Not gone completely but heaps better.


But although the pulses are really low in her fronts, and no heat in her hooves, she remains foot sore, and I can't understand why.

My trimmer came yesterday and is happy with her progress, and suggests maybe she is sore because she has abscesses brewing. She said she was warm in her left heel and avoiding putting weight on it. This morning she seems more foot sore, with her pulses up a little, and there is warmth in heels on both front feet. Trimmer suggested maybe she feels more comfortable from the trim so moved about more and it speeded the abscessing process up in both feet.


I'm confused about what is going on and if I am doing something wrong? I know she shouldn't be on any grass at all, even really minimal brown dead stuff.. but I don't have a large area of just dirt and even if I did, Cheyenne doesn't move about unless there is something to eat so in there I can sprinkle some of her hay around so she moves about more. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It doesn't seem like she is laminitic. My trimmer doesn't think it is either. There is still no heat in her hooves and before today her pulses were almost non existent. Would it be abscesses? In both front feet? Or?


She is so sore in her whole body now. She is not even eating all her hay any more so I am not sure if her stop button has kicked in or if it is because she is so sore.  


Photos of her feet post trim yesterday and her body added to her folder "Cheyenne":


Thank you in advance for your thoughts...  

Emily and Cheyenne

Jan 2014

Springmount, Victoria, Australia

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