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Makyla Waters <twolegged@...>

Can Pergolide and cypro be used at the same time? I was under the
impression that it was always an either or question, that both worked
along the same pathways and you couldn't 'double up' safely... not
sure if that's correct tho....
Robin - I believe that pergolide and cypro go at the same issue from
different ways, so it may be useful to use both. My first vet had even
mentioned this possibility, but wanted to try him on pergolide first.

I have just switched vets because I strongly wanted to use the BET lab work
and first vet wasn't too interested in their work. I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting
the results (maybe today!). My horse has started to grow a winter coat
(100'+ lately!) and is very 'blah'. My new vet is open to putting him on
thyroid supplement also. The possibility of laminitis is so frightening and
this is the main reason I want to use BET since it sounds like it will give
us a program to monitor his progress vs. relying solely on my observations
(which, of course, will have to still be a big part of monitoring him).
There is little definitive research on Cushings and many vets just follow
older protocols. It seems like it is up to us to look for newer work in
this field - thanks to this list we can share our findings!

My horse made such great changes when he first went on the pergolide two
months ago. He had lost the last of his body sensitivity to grooming and
became sound on his left hock that has some serious changes on xrays. He
was on .75gm of permax daily, then I lowered it to .50gm per vet. Within a
few weeks he started to grow a winter coat over his hindquarters and now his
whole topline. He also started to show soreness in the left hock again and
is now very sluggish and again sensitive in his girth area. (I've upped him
to 1gm as I am waiting for the BET lab results taken a week ago.) It makes
sense that the thyroid pills work well with the cypro or permax since the
pituitary and the thyroid work in relationship to each. I'm hopeful that
the combination will do the trick for my horse! I'm also about to go on the
ABC program and glad to hear others are pleased with it.

Take care, Makyla & 4-legged friends

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