Re: Ghost passed away suddenly.

Shari Starr

Maureen, I am so sorry that your beloved Ghost has passed to spirit. I send you hugs, love & comfort & strength. My Snickers also had cushing's & I had been treating him for 3 1/2 years when he passed from non-cushing's related medical issues. He was young like Ghost also, Snickers had just recently turned 24 years old. The love that you have for him & the love that Ghost has for you is still strongly anchored in your heart. If you need an ear or an e-hug please feel free to email me at lifesongfarm @ yahoo . com. I have been part of a lovely group called hoofbeats in heaven which is a support group for people who have lost their beloved horses. Hugs,

 Shari, Fly free, Snickers mom
ECIR June, 2013

Western Washing state

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