Re: If Insulin and Leptin enough to confirm not IR?

Emily Phillips

"Yes, that's enough to confirm she's not IR."


Fabulous!  Thank you for confirming Dr Kellon.  A huge relief!

I will talk to my vet about the antihistamines and do as you suggest regarding repeating the worming and fecal test.


Cheyenne's road to recovery for both her feet and then her sacro / stifles continues, and we are still a reasonably long way from her being happy and healthy.  And I know after all it turns out she wasn't IR, but...


** I want to sincerely thank everybody on this list who made getting to this point so much less stressful!  **

The expert advice from the primary responders was amazing and if it hadn't have been for you, Cheyenne would not be as good as she is now.  I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the changes I made to her diet and her trim are doing amazing things for her...  The hoof growing above the laminitic ring is so healthy and strong, I am excited to see it grow down!

The support also that I was given from other people on here who have been through or are going through the same thing is also so important.  It makes you realise you are not alone and it is not about you, just something every horse is at risk of and so many people battle every year.


I will continue to read the posts as I have so much more to learn!  BUT THANK YOU AGAIN.  ALL.

Such a wonderful forum...  xxx


Emily and Cheyenne

January 2014

Springmount, Victoria, Australia

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