Re: 35 Yr old QH mare died August 2013- Question

Elva J Mico

On 4/16/2014 8:08 AM, wrote:
Hi! My name is Joyce and I just joined the group. I have 3 (of 7)
horses that are IR, but today I wanted to write about my 35 year old
that I lost in August 2013. She had been continuously on liquid
compounded Pergolide for 6+ years. At the time she was euthanized,
she had been without Pergolide for 2 weeks as my vet was unable to
obtain Pergolide from the compounding pharmacy. My mare became
Dear Joyce,
I don't know what really happened however, a vet should certainly know that you don't take a horse off pergolide after 6 and a half years. He should have done something to get the pergolide for her. I think he should take the responsibility for this mare's death. I know that 35 is old for a horse but still, if she was doing fine and he stopped the pergolide because he was unable to obtain it - there is something not right about that. I would probably have strangled my vet had that happened to me. It has been over a year so not much can be done now but I sure would question his reliability.

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