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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Beth,

Fasting and mishandling of the blood sample will both cause the values to be LOWER, not higher, than they should be. Glucose is esp sensitive to being left in contact with red blood cells so the values you have are not really useful. As the vet acknowledges that he mishandled the samples, it seems that re-running the tests on "his dime" is in order.

As you say Flame is underweight, he should be receiving a minimum of 2% of his ideal bodyweight in feed per day. I would push for as much hay as he will consume before upping the concentrate portion of his ration. This should be soaked to reduce the sugar/starch content as you do not know whether it is safe to feed to an IR horse or not. Alternatively, upping the amount of ODTB cubes would be safer. As the hay seems to generally be coming from western states could use Arizona Copper complete (available from HorseTech) as a supplement as it's formulated for hays in that general area. Should also have 2000iu vit E in gelcaps with oil, minimum 2 oz plain salt. Horseshine is fine. Is the 4lbs of BP weighed soaked or dry? You need to weigh it dry - the amount of water doesn't count toward the weight. Any more than 1lb needs to be accounted for in the mineral balancing.

Stabul 1 is mineral balanced to ECIR specifications and is tested to be below 10% s/s. It is definitely safer than the TC products. Technically, it could be fed as the entire diet if a horse could not eat long stem forages but that is never the ideal option as horses are designed to eat forage as their primary source of nutrition. It can be ordered by any feed store that is willing to get it in for you - just need to contact Randy Anderson at Nuzu Feed to get the details worked out:

I'll just touch on the trim issues. One of the reasons that the horses in Flame's discipline have short careers is that the trims that are the "standard' are physiologically incorrect. This not only sets the feet up for problems but the rest of the leg and body as well due to the compensatory problems that result.

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