Re: Case history for Babe (old horse with PPID)

Lydia Lawson

She is doing well considering her age and PPID. the Precend Pergolide seems to have helped her feel a lot better and stronger, however her hind end weakness/pain still keeps her from getting up if she is not on the bute daily. I tried to wean her down and it was not successful, however so far she has not had any adverse effects from it. It just helps her feel better and at this point in her life that is what matters most. I have her on all the other supplements you and Nancy recommended and she sometimes surprises me when she gallops across the pasture or chases the pony! This is the first year she has not shed well. She is still pretty hairy although she is shedding. Just slow compared to the other horses and it's been hot so I keep an eye on her. She will be getting the first follow up ACTH test this week and I am hopeful that will look somewhat better for her. 

Interestingly enough I have another horse getting the same tests. She is only 10 but after a lifetime of being super sound and healthy she has spent the last year battling abscesses in three of her feet and they have been super difficult to heal requiring aggressive surgery etc. Even though she has no signs outwardly of IR and has never foundered and even has nice tight white lines and good looking feet the vet wants to test her for metabolic problems because we have no answer for why this has happened to her. Hoping it's not something serious. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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