Re: Case history for Babe (old horse with PPID)

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lydia,

Good to hear she's doing so well. As you say, at this age using some bute may be a necessary thing - you have to balance the quality of life issues with the negatives. You might talk to your vet about trying Previcox/Equioxx instead of the bute. It is a Cox2 inhibitor and a bit more selective in it's action. If you go this route, please be sure that you pay close attention to the dosing guidelines if using the Previcox as it is formulated based on canine dosing requirements, which are much higher than the equine dosing rates. I believe we discussed that option before, correct?

Let us know when the new ACTH comes in. If it doesn't come back solidly within normal values will need to up the Prascend. That may/may not affect her non-shedding as getting the pergolide dose correct doesn't necessarily control shedding. Can try adding chastetree berry to her supplements as this can help induce shedding once the ACTH is properly controlled with the perg.

Let us know how the new girl's bloodwork turns out. In it's early stages, an IR horse may not "appear IR". This could also be due to dietary issues as an unbalanced diet will eventually "catch up" with your horse. The most common deficiencies are copper and zinc, which are vital to healthy hoof growth and maintenance. Excess iron, a common problem, will exacerbate these deficiencies. You can also put up some pics of her feet (in the ECHistory8 Photos section) so we can give them a once-over to see if the trim may be contributing. Sometimes what looks "normal" is not necessarily correct/healthy.

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