Re: Chaste Berry Powde / new question on this topic

Sara Gooch


This following sentence from your post confuses me. It seems to contradict the info in the files and archives that conclude the CTB might alleviate PPID symptoms, but that it does not lower ACTH.  Your recent  post that CTB, might effect control of PPID, implies then that CTB CAN lower ACTH?  Or?
From your post: "If CTB was started without any diagnostic testing for PPID then it's murky as you don't know whether there actually is PPID, or whether the CTB is effecting control of PPID, or whether there is early PPID that only shows up during the fall seasonal rise with no current effect from the CTB."

I understand that CTB can lessen the symptoms of PPID, but have group members here found that CTB has actually significantly lowered ACTH?

Thanks for any clarification that anyone can offer--

Sara, NE California, 2011

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