Can Horses with Cushings have problems with beat pulp?


Marion here -


Question regarding beat pulp:


Normally I am a huge believer in feeding beat pulp.  However I have noticed a change in how Stanlee products are having the pulp processed and the chunks are smaller and there is a lot more mollasses in it.  I contacted Stanlee and reported the change and the customer service folks were less than ambivalent about the issue.


I noticed in my senior mare and in a couple of my other horses started colicing on the beat pulp and when the vet came out, suspected ulcers.  I stopped all beat pulp and they have been fine ever since.


The question is - can the extra sugars in the beat pulp cause additional problems with horses and cushings disease?   My mare is doing fine and has no problems other than the hair coat and pot belly, but was curious if the added sugars could add to her problems if I were to start feeding it again.


Thanks in advance.


Marion Buntyn

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