Re: Hoof bands/lines

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Nancy,

Glad to hear Jazzi is doing well. The pink/red color in the hooves sounds likeĀ  some type of bruising and she may have it on all four hooves but it isn't visible on the fronts as they are black. These areas will be visible in the white line when they grow down to ground level. Do they reach all the way up to the coronet band or are they only located in the lower half of the hoof capsule? If only in the lower half, they are past damage growing out. If they are found most/all the way up there is some sort of ongoing insult occurring that is resulting in the bruising.

You mention that the color intensifies with work - does it fade immediately afterward? There are no blood vessels within the hoof walls as all the actual blood vessels are tightly wrapped around the coffin bone itself. Pics would be helpful.

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